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Selling your property? Here's how we can lend a Helping Hand

It’s no secret that the house selling process can be incredibly stressful - especially if your new home is ready and waiting to welcome you. Not only can the sales process be hard…

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Why choose new build for your first home?

For first time home buyers, choosing a new build property is a great option, We’ve outlined some of the very good reasons for choosing new build in our quick, two-minute read here…

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Why you should relocate to the countryside (particularly the Lake District!)

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that outside space and interacting with nature is more important than ever for our wellbeing.

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The new age of three-storey living

Looking to maximise your living space after spending the past year in isolation? 3 storey living could be the answer!

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Home Colour Ideas

Learn how to pick out your colour schemes for your entire home with Lovell Homes in our great guide to help you make your home perfect. Read our top tips online.

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Dog Fence Labrador

Creating a dog friendly garden

Whatever the size of your garden, create something that your dog will love to play in with our top tips and advice at Lovell Homes. Learn more online today.

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Kitchen ideas

Discover our top ideas for your kitchen and discover our small kitchen ideas, our top tips, layout options, and our ideas for modern kitchen. Whether your kitchen is brand new or f…

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Living room ideas

Discover our practical and effective ideas for your living room online, from small living room ideas to creating areas. Read more at Lovell Homes today.

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Spring Cleaning Cabinets (1)

Spring cleaning tips

Give your house a new lease of life with our spring cleaning tips for the bedroom, bathroom & kitchen. Visit Lovell Homes online for more handy advice.

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Wildlife Compost

Sustainable gardening

We're committed to sustainable living here at Lovell Homes which is why we've put together our top tips to keeping a sustainable garden. Spending time improving your garden not onl…

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