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There are two main concerns for any kitchen no matter its design: how to make the most of your space, and how to make it look fantastic but what most people don't realise this that you don't have to compromise on one to get the other. We’ve gathered together our best advice and top-tips for decorating your kitchen so that you can get the room you’ve always dreamed of.

Small kitchen ideas
Small kitchens need to give the illusion of more space, so start out by cleaning up your clutter. A great idea is an ‘appliance garage’ a dedicated cupboard for any appliance you don’t use regularly so they’re out of sight and out of your way.

You should also think carefully about your furniture in smaller spaces. Consider choosing items such as glass tables that let the light through them to give the illusion that you have more free space. These are very on trend this year and can look fantastic in your kitchen – especially when paired with more traditional furniture.

If you have an area that is too small for a dining table, but too big to be left empty, think about adding a butcher’s block table that can give you additional workspace and can even serve as a breakfast bar.

Mirrors are the traditional way of creating space but can be difficult to add naturally into a kitchen. A mirrored backsplash behind your hob can make your room feel much larger and easily blend into the rest of the room. Or if you want a colourful kitchen choose cabinets in a high-gloss finish to give them a mirrored surface which can open up the feeling of your space and reflect any natural light.

Storage is hugely important for small kitchens so consider additional cabinets high on your walls and above windows to keep things you don’t use on a daily basis. If you’re worried about closing in the room too much – consider open cabinets or shelving. This can create a great display piece for your favourite glassware or crockery and is right on trend for 2018.

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Modern kitchen ideas
Modern kitchens are all about new and cutting-edge styles and you can easily integrate some of this into your kitchen without breaking the bank.

One of the biggest looks for modern kitchens recently is the industrial look. While going all out with concrete countertops might be a little out of your budget, you can still incorporate some great looking elements to capture the essence of this style.
Burnished metal cabinet doors or handles can be a great way to include some of that industrial feel and create a great looking statement kitchen. Subway tiles as a backsplash or wall feature can again bring out some of this edgy contemporary style and can pair well with bare industrial style light bulbs.

Another great option is a monochrome style that uses bold elements such as black cabinets and countertops against white and light grey to capture the eye and make the room stand out. Sleek handle-less units can be a great option for a design like this to make the design less busy and more minimalist.

Hugely popular recently are items such as statement chairs e.g. high elegant stools, oversized elements such as art or wall clocks, and copper accents to bring a hint of warmth to your designs.

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Our top tips for kitchen décor
• Pick one idea and do it well – don’t try and combine competing designs
• Choose one core feature to stand out whether that is a colour or an area
• Keep your space open by not putting in too much furniture


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Kitchen Layouts
It’s important to streamline your layouts, think about how you will move about the space but also how you are filling the space. If you have the space for a kitchen table in the centre of your room think about how that would affect your movement and consider if the room will look unbalanced if you push that table against a wall.

Remember to try and keep sightlines clear, especially from windows to doors, to help keep the room feeling open and spacious. This creates a feeling of space by giving the room a feeling of connection to other rooms and the outdoors.

Having some kind of high table or breakfast bar is one of the most popular ways to turn a kitchen into a multi-use entertaining space. You can create this effect in your space without having to remodel your whole kitchen by incorporating a high table with comfortable stools or tall chairs which can give you kitchen a much friendlier atmosphere. And a great space to entertain in.

For more inspiration head over to our show home gallery or if we've inspired you - share your ideas with us over on Twitter and Facebook.

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