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Lovell is committed to providing quality homes and service to the highest standard. However, we do know that sometimes things can go wrong. If you have any concerns or are dissatisfied in any way, we do ask you to let us know so we can do our best to resolve the issue for you.

Contact points and procedure:

Step one

Customer Service Department

If a complaint is made and cannot be resolved by the initial point of contact, you can raise this direct with our Customer Service Team who will follow our standard informal complaints procedure as follows:

Please contact our regional Customer Service teams during working hours: 9.00am – 17.00pm Monday – Thursday or 16.00pm on Fridays.

Customer services will respond within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, gather any further information that is needed and if possible resolve the complaint.
If a complaint is made over a weekend, Customer Services will respond as soon as possible the next working day.


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Step Two

Head of Customer Care

If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Customer Services Team member then it will be escalated to the Customer Service Manager or Head of Customer Service who will assign the relevant representative to resolve the issue or agree a resolution within five working days from this point.


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Step Three

Regional Operations / Sales Director

If you still feel that you haven't reached a satisfactory resolution or if a resolution cannot be agreed with the Customer Service Manager or Head of Customer Service then please inform the Regional Operations or Sales Director of the matter and they will attempt to resolve it within 7 working days from this point.


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Step Four

Regional Managing Director

In the unlikely event that you have not reached a satisfactory conclusion then please contact the Regional Managing Director who will investigate the matter for you and aim to respond to you within 14 days.


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Step Five

Area Managing Director

In the unlikely event that your complaint has still not been resolved, please contact the Area Managing Director responsible for the Regional team and only once all steps above have been followed.


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Should you remain dissatisfied after exhausting our informal complaints procedure, you may be advised to refer your complaint for independent resolution via external legal advice or the Consumer Code independent resolution scheme. Homeowners can also seek assistance through the NHBC Resolution service in years 0-2 of their policy. Homebuyers who have reserved their home after 1st January 2023 can also raise a formal complaint under the NHQC procedures and in turn raise a complaint with the New Homes Ombudsman following our Formal Complaint process.

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