Energy-efficient Lovell Homes


Find out more about our commitment to building energy-efficient, sustainable homes.

New build is good news – especially these days!

As energy costs continue to rise, there’s all the more reason to make your next home move a new build.
It’s good for your pocket and benefits the planet too!

Save up to £2200* in energy bills

*Source: Watt a Save: New HBF report

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The higher the Standard Energy Procedure (SAP) score, the lower your energy costs

SAP calculations are the methodology behind your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), used to assess a building’s performance.

Energy Rating Detailed

Your new Lovell home has been designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping to reduce your bills and carbon footprint.

Here's how our energy-efficient homes work...

While energy prices have begun to come down from the peak last winter, new build homes are still saving homeowners thousands of pounds each year. As the industry progresses towards the Future Homes Standard, these savings will become greater still, with new homes being started today being built to even higher energy efficiency standards following a change to regulations that took effect from last summer. For homes built after 2025, when the Future Homes Standard is expected to come into effect, energy bills for the average new build property are expected to be cut by 70% as compared to the average older property. 

On top of these financial savings, new build properties are significantly more environmentally friendly than older properties. The average new house emits just one-third of the carbon of typical older houses, with each house saving 2.8 tonnes of carbon per year. 

As builders prepare for the Future Homes Standard, which is expected to come into force in 2025, the country’s new build housing stock will deliver even greater carbon savings. Under the new regulations, new homes will emit just 0.36 tonnes of carbon a year, a tenth of the amount of the average existing property.

The full report can be read here.



Energy Performance Rating

Energy Performance Rating

Our homes are rated B on the Energy Performance Certificates scale, which ranges from A (very energy efficient) to G (very inefficient). The average rating for an older property is D or E.

30% Less Water

30% Less Water

The average person uses over 150 litres of water at home each day. Our homes use up to 30% less thanks to high performance, water efficient taps, toilets and showers.


Efficient Appliances

A-rated Appliances

We always fit energy-saving appliances where we can, helping reduce your energy consumption and fuel bills.

80% Less Electricity

80% Less Electricity

We only fit energy-saving bulbs in our homes, which use 80% less electricity and last up to eight times longer.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

We build new homes with solar panels to produce hot water, helping to reduce your home's CO2 emissions and saving you money on bills.

*available on selected homes.

30% Less Water


We include energy-efficient insulation in all our homes, including double glazing and loft, floor and wall insulation, to reduce the amount you spend on fuel bills.

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