The new age of three-storey living


After spending the past year in isolation, home improvement is something that has kept many of us occupied throughout lockdown.

Whether that’s by creating a new office space, putting together the perfect gym or giving each bedroom a much-needed facelift - maximising the potential of a property is a hot topic.

At Lovell Homes, we offer a selection of amazing houses that give our buyers the scope to personalise their homes and maximise space – but no property offers this more than our three-storey homes. With an extra floor to play with, you can add a new dimension to a property and turn it into the perfect forever home. So, we’re sharing our favourite ideas on how you can best utilise this additional space.

The master of master bedrooms

Having a big master suite is nice – but what about having an entire floor to yourself? With the en-suite bathroom to provide complete privacy, using a third floor as the location for the biggest bedroom in the house will allow you to dedicate this sacred space solely to relaxation, helping you to get a good night’s sleep and minimising disturbances from the rest of the family.

Creating comfort for your guests

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic and restrictions are beginning to lift, we can finally welcome our friends and family back into our homes. While having our loved ones over to stay is something we’ve been looking forward to, it’s inevitable that the presence of other people after so long might disrupt our daily routines.

By giving them their own floor to stay on, you minimise this potential disruption and allow them the freedom and privacy of sleeping on a separate floor to the rest of the household. By giving them their own section of the home to enjoy, you can maximise comfort and avoid making any changes to your morning schedule - gone are the days where you had to tiptoe around in the morning in the hopes of not waking your sleepy guests.

Work, work, work

With the radical rise in homeworking looking like a permanent transition for many businesses, it’s essential to have a functional, private office space to separate work from the home, helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance. By transforming the third floor into an office – or transferring a bedroom onto the third floor to make space for an office on a lower level – you can create a work hub that helps you to be as productive as possible, while working from home.

Room for a little one

Three-storey properties are perfect for growing families, providing adaptable space that can evolve from nurseries to playrooms and shared bedrooms as the kids get older. The ideal place to raise your little ones, our three-storey homes can be shaped around the ever-changing needs of your family to make sure you’re able to enjoy the property for as long as possible.




Make life a little more leisurely

Whatever your favourite pastime – from collecting stamps or model trains, to doing yoga in your own little wellbeing retreat - you can dedicate this third-floor space to doing whatever you love the most. Maybe you want to create a weightlifting gym or a gaming room to free up the living room TV, with a three-storey home you can create a private getaway from the rest of the world to maximise that all important ‘me time’.

These are just a few of the ways that some of our buyers have utilised the extra space in our larger properties.

Ready to maximise your living space with 3 stories? Search for your new home here. 


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