First Time Buyers Guide


There are few things more exciting than becoming a homeowner, but it can feel like an extremely daunting step. From getting your first mortgage to dealing with solicitors, it can be hard to know where to begin. That's why we've put together our handy first time buyers guide, designed to offer a complete and comprehensive guide to purchasing your first home.

We also have a handy Stamp Duty calculator that will help you calculate the costs of moving. Find out more here

Find more reasons to buy a Lovell Home and be inspired by our beautiful show homes.

Why Buy New?

There are plenty of benefits to buying a new build home, from building quality to green benefits. Find out why you should buy new online at Lovell Homes.

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Offers for First Time Buyers

Make your budget stretch further with the brilliant selection of offers for first-time buyers available from Lovell Homes.

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Questions to Ask When Buying a House

Discover our full list of questions to ask when buying a house, and discover what to look for when you’re buying your first home. Read on at Lovell Homes.

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First Time Buyer’s Glossary

If you're a first-time buyer, you may be unfamiliar with the legal & financial terms involved. Get up to speed with our first-time buyer's glossary.

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Cost of Moving House

Make sure that you’re fully prepared for your move by finding out the full cost of moving house with our great guide. Read it online today at Lovell Homes.

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Buying a House Checklist

Make sure that you are fully on track to get the house of your dreams with our checklist for buying a house. Read it online today at Lovell Homes.

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