A Modern Rustic Christmas with Lovell Homes


Oaktree Grange, Lovell Homes have teamed up with interior stylist Rachael Otterwell of Object Style to offer inspiration on how to create an atmospheric table full of festive charm this Christmas.

Working with a romantic colour palette of dusky pinks, blush, rose and mauve paired with dove grey and flickers of brushed metals such as copper and antique gold, we are able to achieve a warm and inviting tablescape that magically blends traditional and contemporary concepts.


Neutrally toned tableware in fawn, off-white and beige work really well to create a modern-rustic look. Don’t be too concerned about each piece perfectly matching, this concept is meant to look relaxed and effortless so try mix-matching different glazes and shades to add depth and texture.

We suggest this rustic tableware from Object Style

We suggest using a variety of different metals (preferably in brushed or matte finishes) such as copper, zinc and gold cutlery to add a sense of stylish luxury to the table.

Gold Cutlery available at Trouva


Table Linen

Another easy way to introduce texture is through table linen. Instead of covering the whole table in a table cloth opt for a runner which will add a nice layer and differentiation between the material and the table top finish, be it metal, wood or glass. For a modern-rustic look linen works better than cotton for the choice of cloth as the fabric is often flecked and tonal. For a pared-back, elegant look, allow the table runner to drape over the table towards the floor.

We suggest Organic Table Linen from Not Perfect Linen

There are many styles you can experiment with table napkins such as mirroring the draped table runner, laying flat, rolling or creating an envelope pocket fold to display cutlery. Using twine or ribbon to tie around the napkin, try attaching a little Christmas keepsake such as a decorative feather or star along with some scented foliage like pine or eucalyptus as a thoughtful, handmade touch.

A great selection of linen napkins are available at Zara Home



Dried flowers and botanicals add a gorgeous rustic element, think Scandinavian lake-cabin style! Just like we referred to aged-looking metals earlier in the blog post, the same rule works for foliage. Greenery such as silver-toned Eucalyptus looks stunning displayed as table trail and Honesty with it’s pearly paper-like seed cases looks so elegant displayed in centre vases. Perhaps try using the famous festive flower mistletoe, displayed and attached with string to each Christmas cracker; whoever wins at pulling is in for a Christmas treat!


Why not try experimenting with objects you wouldn’t normally use on a table setting? Patterned tiles such as the ‘Vintage Metropolis Star’ tiles (samples from 99p) work really well as centre pieces for displaying water jugs, wine bottles, condiment servers and festive ornaments. They also add a contrasting yet complimenting ceramic visual to a matching dinner set.

Check out Bert + May, Terrazzo Tiles and Tones of Tiles for samples.


If your table space allows for a large centre piece, giant metal star lanterns in brushed gold or zinc make a dramatic impact and are in-keeping with the salvage element of the modern-rustic theme. Perhaps, your Christmas menu is just as impressive as your table setting so why not print your menu on textured paper (brown or white craft paper work best) and display in a double-sided antique frame.

Star Lantern and Antique Frames available at Object Style.



Ideally wooden benches dressed in draped, textured sheep-furs are great for softening dense wood and are reflective of true Nordic style. If your table doesn’t have wooden benches, try layering furs and placing velvet cushions on chairs in contrasting colour ways to bring a Bohemian element to the table. A use of mixed material style chairs including transparent plastic, natural wood and black is another great way to make the setting look more eclectic and contemporary.

Sheepskin Chair Throws available at MADE.com



White and grey marble is heavily featured in Scandinavian homes and whilst it isn’t the most obvious Christmas pattern it will make any Christmas table look luxurious and contemporary.

Marble crackers available at Cox & Cox

Introduce elements of nature such as feathers and pinecones and add your own handmade touch by dipping the tips in festive glitter!

Candlelight will make your setting look warm and inviting. Depending on how much space you have, try experimenting with a huge candelabra centrepiece, preferably dripping in wax for a truly rustic vibe ! Or if you don’t have a huge amount of table space, try using lots of different height candlesticks and tea lights in both glass and ceramic varieties to give the table plenty of soft, glowing light.

Again if you’re lacking on actual table space, why not create your display from above? Experiment with different shaped paper snowflakes and stars that can be easily attached to ceilings without any preparation. If you’re feeling more experimental, insert ceiling hooks into the joists to display heavier festive accessories such as glass lanterns, metal stars, candle holders and even botanical displays!

Handwritten name place cards give a wonderfully personal touch to any Christmas table. If you’re not too confident writing your own, order some calligraphy inked versions that can be personalised to your guests.

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