School choose construction theme for its Lovell-sponsored T.rex


Paint brushes at the ready! Acle Academy has begun painting its construction-themed Breakasaurus T.rex sculpture to form part of this year’s GoGoDiscover learning and community programme and art trail and we recently went to see how they are getting on. It looks t-riffic!

The 3D T.rex sculpture was donated to the school by Lovell and we set them a challenge to come up with a construction or environmental theme. The students all chose to go with the construction theme and the school chose a mixture of three of them to create the final design.

The roarsome T.rex includes traffic cone teeth, brickwork patterns, a hi res vest and other exciting and creative ideas, and the students will continue spending the next few weeks painting it before it is varnished ready to go on show in Norwich this summer.

Break delivers GoGoDiscover in partnership with Wild in Art so that Break can continue providing their services to children and young people living in care, on the edge of care or leaving care across the region, the time and support they need to achieve their full potential.

Acle Academy chose seven DT key stage 3 students to design and decorate the T.rex, aged between 11 and 13, so that they could be part of the whole process from start to finish.


As a school, we are really thankful to Lovell for giving the students an opportunity to be part of this amazing project for Break – and design and decorate a T.rex. Obviously the students have been wowed by the idea of decorating a dinosaur and their energy and enthusiasm for this project has impressed us all.

Michael Green, head of design technology at Acle Academy

We caught up with Sasha Bainbridge, our Partnerships Manager at Lovell, who said:

We have a fantastic relationship with Acle Academy and The Wensum Trust in showing the range of careers available in construction and how rewarding it can be, and have teamed up with the Wensum Trust to provide opportunities and apprenticeships. Seeing how the students pulled all of their creative ideas together to come up with one collective design was really impressive, and we can’t wait to see it in Norwich this summer before it gets returned to the school to keep. The next stage will be to come up with a name for their T.rex and we have no doubt it will be as remarkable as their design! We also are sponsoring a Steppe Mammoth for the main GoGoDiscover 2022 project and can’t wait to unveil it when the train begins.

Sasha Bainbridge, Partnerships Manager at Lovell

Some of the students from Acle who decorated the Breakasaurus said:

  • Bobby, 11, said: “It is really exciting to be part of this project. I love dinosaurs and find it really calming to paint. I can’t wait to show it to everyone when it is on display and I am most excited about painting the traffic cone teeth I designed.”
  • Lyra, 13, said: “It is really fun to do and be part of. I did the GoGoDiscover 2021 trail and Eyela the T.spex was my favourite, so I am looking forward to this year and seeing mine and all the other new sculptures.”


The GoGoDiscover Learning & Community Programme is delivered by East Anglian based children’s charity Break, in partnership with Wild in Art.

We will bring you more news soon on our involvement in GoGoDiscover.

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