Moving House Checklist


At Lovell we know that moving house can be as exciting as it can be stressful. Luckily for you we have created a moving house checklist. 

Use our three-week step-by-step moving guide and count down to moving day knowing that you have everything covered.

Download the full checklist to use here

Book your removal firm. Make sure they have comprehensive insurance so your possessions will be covered during the move.

Start packing things you won’t need until after the move, and label boxes with which room they’ll go in.

Go through your bank statements – everyone you pay Direct Debits to will need to know your new address. Don’t forget to tell your doctor, dentist, the DVLA, local council, schools, employers and all your utility suppliers.

Start using up food in your freezer. Go through cupboards, attics and sheds and throw away any unwanted or broken items. Keep packing anything you won’t need before you move.

Arrange for someone to look after your children and pets on moving day.

Complete your change of address notifications and arrange for the Post Office to redirect your mail.

Confirm your moving arrangements with the van hire or removal firm. Make sure the contents insurance for your new home is in place.

Collect and label all keys for your existing property. Cancel the newspapers, milk and window cleaner, and settle any final bills.

Defrost your fridge and freezer, clean all paintwork and surfaces and vacuum the carpets. Leave instruction manuals for appliances and the central heating for the new occupiers.

Finish packing except for the things you’ll need on moving day – clothes, toiletries, a few toys for the children and some food and drink. Prepare a survival kit containing kettle, drinks and snacks, and have some cash available to deal with any unexpected expenses.

Turn off the central heating and all electrical appliances and make a note of final gas, water and electricity meter readings. If you’re moving in winter, remember to drain the water systems unless someone is moving in on the same day.

Check all storage spaces one more time and lock all windows and doors before you leave.

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