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If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, sometimes agreeing on what to do with it – can be a lengthy family debate. The obvious use is a guest bedroom – but realistically, how often will it get used as a bedroom?

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If your spare room is feeling a little unloved and is sitting gathering dust, these spare room ideas might just inspire you to make the most of the often under-utilised space in your home.

They key thing to consider before repurposing your spare room is too think about what is important to you and your family so you make sure your spare room becomes a practical, enjoyable and most importantly, a useful space for you all to enjoy.

So, to help you decide – here at Lovell we’ve put together our Top 10 spare room ideas

Home Office

Even if you don’t work from home, there’s always some form of admin to be done. Give your back a break from using your laptop on the sofa and set yourself up with a dedicated home office. If you do work from home, having a dedicated work space will keep you focused and away from distractions that might make you procrastinate. Looking for home office ideas?

Reading Room

If your house is a bit hectic – creating a noise free zone to settle down with a good book or magazine is great idea. A stacked bookshelf and a comfy chair will be a must. Need more tips of creating a cosy atmosphere? Why not try embracing Hygge? A reading room is the perfect place to start.

Craft Room

Fancy yourself as a bit of the Kirsty Allsop? A room of your own to keep creating in piece of get projects finish is great idea if you like to get creative. It will save your projects from interference from otherwise unwanted attention. And if you have an expected visitor – all your crafty mess will be contained into one room – which saves a rushed clean up!

Home Cinema

Ideal for a night in, date night or somewhere to send the teenagers. A home cinema can double up as a second living room. As a bonus too – they’ll be more fighting over the remote! Install a mini-fridge, stock up on snacks and invest in some black out curtains for a perfect go-to cinema room any time of the day or night. And If you want to go that extra mile – surround sound is must!

Play room

Turn your spare room into a child-friendly haven and relinquish your living room from the mess! Having a dedicated room for your little ones toys is one of the most useful things you can in your home. Utilise clever storage solutions and make sure everything has a place. You can even include a small reading chair or a desk so that they can enjoy their favourite books and have a dedicated space for drawing, colouring and games.

Games room

Otherwise known in some homes as “the man cave”. Dad’s den or a family games zone can be a great idea. Whether your prefer a physical challenge over a pool table or an electronic battle on the X-box – make this space the place to go when you need to switch off from the everyday stress and relax. If your games room does become a designated man cave – you could even add the luxury of a home built bar!

Dressing Room

When two wardrobes and a bedroom just aren’t enough – why not consider turning your spare room into a dedicated dressing room? Equipped with floor to ceiling wardrobes and a dressing table you’ll have everything you need to get ready for that special occasion, right in one place.

Music Room

Whether you prefer to play or listen, transform your space room into a relaxing space where you can come up with your next masterpiece or simply plug in and play. The right atmosphere coupled with a good set of headphones can help relieve the stresses at the end of the day.

Chores Room

This may not be the most favourable idea, however, having somewhere you can go to sort out your laundry and store your cleaning products is a practical solutions to your houses daily mess! Say goodbye to piles of clothes in the bedroom. With a chores room you’ll be able to sort, iron and fold all in one place and keep everything organised. To make it a little more bearable, we would recommend installing a TV or a docking station to keep you occupied!

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Guest Room

The most obvious idea until last. Chance are this is already what your using your spare room for, but we couldn’t leave it out. In some cases – if you have family that live far away – this is still the best option for your spare room.  But don’t be afraid to create a multi-functional room by combining some of ideas so you can still get the best of your space.

If we’ve inspired you to re-vamp your spare room – share your pictures and ideas with us over on our Facebook or Twitter. Or for more spare room inspiration – head over to our Pinterest page.

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