New homes owners save over £2000* on their energy bills


No-one needs reminding how energy costs have spiralled this year and continuing price hikes only highlight the importance of our homes’ energy efficiency.

According to The House Builder Federation’s ‘Watt a Save’ report, on average, buyers of new homes save over £2,000 on their household bills per property each year. That’s the equivalent of £173 per month for apartment buyers and £220 per month for those buying houses.

The report, published in October 2022 and based on Government Energy Performance (EPC) data, states that buyers choosing an energy-efficient new build over an older home not only enjoy better fuel economy, but also reduce carbon emissions by over 2 tonnes per year per property. Collectively, a big tick towards attaining our Net Zero ambitions, and something to feel good about too on a personal or household basis.

When compared to older housing stock, which typically carries an EPC rating of D or E, every new build Lovell home makes the EPC Band B grade. This translates into significantly reduced energy usage. The average new build uses around 100 kWh per m2 each year, compared to the average 359kWh per m2 consumed by older properties.

‘Watt a Save’ reveals that “newer homes need drastically less energy to power and heat, and therefore are significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run. Although older homes can be retrofitted to improve efficiency, research from Nationwide finds that the average bill facing those in homes currently rated D or E is over £8,000, and considerably higher for those in properties rated F or G.”

Anyone considering or having recently purchased a new Lovell home can be assured that each house or apartment is energy-efficient from the get-go, designed and built to the most up-to-date regulations using the latest materials, technologies and construction methods.

Energy-efficient insulation – including loft, floor and wall cavity insulation – plus double glazing throughout, helps keep your home snug during the winter months whilst keeping fuel bills down, and ensures a comfortable environment when temperatures rise.

Solar panels on selected homes produce hot water, helping fuel economy and reducing the home’s CO2 emissions. And when it comes to appliances, AA+ energy-saving white goods are fitted wherever possible.

The energy saving bulbs fitted in every Lovell home last up to eight times longer and use 80% less energy, while thanks to high performance, water-efficient taps, toilets and showers, water usage is reduced by 30% per household.

With further increases in the energy price cap predicted for January 2023, energy bills look set to rise once again – fortunately for energy-efficient homeowners, the savings will increase too.

Learn more about Lovell’s commitment to energy efficient new homes here.

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