Moving House with Pets


According to research, moving house can be a more stressful event than starting a new job or even going through a divorce. But moving isn't just stressful for us humans - it's also important to consider the stress of moving to a new environment for your furry friends.

Here a Lovell we're big animal lovers - so we've put together a list of tips to help keep your pets happy and healthy throughout the moving process. 

Before the Move -

Plan ahead - as soon as your house move is confirmed, starting making arrangements for how you'll care for your pet during that time. Leaving plans until the last minute could result in a logistical nightmare - which all together will be more stressful for you both. Kennels and Catteries get booked up quickly - depending on the time of year - but if you don't have a friend who can look after your pet whilst you move you may want to consider booking them in for a short vacation, whilst you move in and get settled. The change in environment can make your pets feel stressed, toys, smells and hiding places are being changed and boxed up ready for the move. Try finding a quiet room in the house during packing where you can distract your pets from the changes. Leave out toys and blankets to keep close with them until your get to your new home. That way, they'll have something that feels and smells familiar. Whilst packing and moving can be time consuming - try and make sure you're pets routine isn't distributed too much. Our pets are creatures of habit so making sure their walked and fed on time is key to ensuring their stress levels are kept at bay. Lastly, make sure to change your pets contact details ahead of time - and have a new collar ready for the move.

During the Move - 

If you're travelling far to your new home - you'll want to make sure if you're pets are with you, they travel safely and securely. For this we'd recommend a crate or a carrier to keep them and you safe throughout the drive. Make sure to provide food and water if you're travelling for long periods - and remember you're pets will need a toilet break too.  If you're worried about your pets getting travel sick, ask your vet about anti-sickness tablets before you go.

After the Move - 

You've made it - you and your pets have made the move to your new home and you're ready to settle in. There's just a few last things to check to ensure your pets are happy and safe in your new home. Before letting your dog explore the new garden, be sure to check that all the fences are secure. Then once your dogs had chance to explore their surroundings - taking them for a walk to familiarise them with the area early on is a good idea. It'll be exciting for them - but doing this together will create reassurance for your pet.  If your moving with a cat you may find that in unfamiliar surroundings - they try and make their way back home! In some cases if you've not moved far this can be unavoidable. To alleviate this, we'd recommend that you keep your cat inside for around 2-4 weeks before letting them outside, allowing them to acclimatise to their new home. Once you've settled in and unpacked make sure your pets have their own home comforts too - their favourite blankets and toys will help make them feel "at home".  By following these simple steps - moving house with your pet should be a lot less stressful for everyone involved. But, if you are concerned for your pet then always seek advice from your bet who will be able to provide tailored information for your cat or dog.  If you've recently moved into a Lovell Home with a pet we'd love to see your snaps of you getting settled! Join our social media channels and share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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