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Whether it’s sleeping, reading or playing, children spend a huge amount of time in their bedroom. So, it’s important to transform their little haven into a place they’ll enjoy whittling away the hours in, ensuring it reflects their personality and interests. Whether your little one is into pirates or princesses, space or secret gardens, we’ve put together some great kids’ bedroom ideas to inspire you.

Pirate Paradise

Ahoy, matey! If your little swashbuckler is into pirates, there’s so much you can do to transform their bedroom into a treasure cove. Going that bit further than the traditional nautical kids’ bedroom idea, pirate bedrooms are all about rustic ships, spots and stripes, and of course, the Jolly Roger. First thing’s first, put a homemade wooden sign on the door to be sure everyone knows whose cabin it is. Inside, why not turn it into their very own pirate ship? Get a rustic bedframe and hoist a Jolly Roger flag at the top, with seaworthy bedding and matching curtains to complete the look. On the walls, go for a traditional treasure map or stencil some choppy seas around the bottom. There’s tons of stickers out there, like these ones on Etsy, to help you create the perfect pirate paradise!

Princess Castle

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Your princess can live happily ever after in her very own castle with this spellbinding kids’ bedroom idea. It’s all about pink – bedding, curtains, carpet, you name it. Also, a little bit of glitter goes a long way to adding some sparkle to the room. Why not ask your princess for their favourite quote and stencil it on the wall? If you’d prefer to create your very own tower, stencil the outline of a window or two on the wall and fill it in with clouds overlooking your kingdom. For that extra finishing touch, hang a lace canopy over the top of the bed and use tiaras to tie back the curtains.

Space Shuttle

Three, two, one – blast off! For aspiring astronauts, there’s no better place to start their training than their very own bedroom. With a whole galaxy’s worth of ideas to play with, a space theme for your child’s bedroom is, definitely one of the most fun. Let’s start off with colours – you’ll want to emulate the universe on the walls, so get your paint and stencils out… Alternatively, opt for some galaxy wallpaper to make life easier. You can transform their bed into a rocket with some bedding and don’t forget to add a few aliens and comets around the room – beanbags make great meteors! If your little cosmonaut has a bunk bed with room underneath, why not create your very own control deck for the spaceship? Finish off the room with some starlight and you’re done!

Secret Garden

Psst, want to hear a secret? You can turn your kid’s bedroom into a secret garden with a few simple effects. Opt for wooden floorboards and furniture to begin your journey into the forest. Keep the walls bright, yet bare to emulate sunlight and drape garlands of leaves over the furniture, bedframe and windowsill. Why not go a step further and create a feature wall with a giant tree sprawling onto the ceiling? Be sure to add all sorts of woodland creatures to the room, whether that be on the walls, ornaments or soft toys, and don’t forget to include some flowers, too. A secret garden wouldn’t be complete without a bench to relax on, so why not put one beside their bookshelf so they can enjoy reading on it?

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