How to save energy at home


When you were younger, you probably imagined by the year 2017 we'd all be living in self managed, robotic-space ages houses - that recycle their own energy are are 100% energy efficient. Unfortunately we're not quite there yet. But there are many ways you can help save energy at home. Keeping your running costs low and helping the environment at the same time. 

Year on year, house builders make huge leaps with materials, structure and design of new build homes making them more energy efficient. Couple this with the fact that brand new houses come pre-installed with A-rated appliances, and that dream of a 100% energy efficient home isn't too far away. 

Here at Lovell we take our sustainability seriously, and we're passionate about helping people understand how little changes can make a big different to your wallet and the world around you. So we've put together our Top tips for a greener home.

Energy saving tips

1. Switching off
Leaving appliances on stand-by is one sure way to waste electricity and your hard earned cash. On average UK homes waste up to £30 a year by leaving their gadgets plugged in. 

2. Managing your heating
Did you know that turning your thermostat down by just 1°C could save you up to £75 a year? What's more - with technology becoming smarter - managing your heating remotely has never been more simple with apps like Hive you can control your heating from your phone - so your house is only warm when it really needs to be. 

3. Soak up the sun
But we live in Britain - we don't get enough sun for solar panels right? Wrong! Even when it's cloudy, solar panels still store energy, so the potential saving can soon add up to a significant amount. They can be used to heat your home and you're water, overall reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Shine bright?
But not too brightly - around a third of your energy bill is attributable to lighting in the home! A standard incandescent bulb eats your energy so consider changing them for LED bulbs or lower energy options. They might take a second longer to light up - but your wallet will thank us later! A "normal" bulb using up to 60W's of energy where as an LED uses just 14W. 

5. Wasting water?
Whose guilty of leaving the tap of whilst you brush your teeth? The as so many ways to save water around the home - you just have to make the smarter choice. Instead of taking a bath, having a shower using a third less water. Or if you like a cold glass of water - try keeping a jug in the fridge, instead of running the tap until its cold. Just a few smart changes, could see your water bill almost halve in no time. 

6. Travel green
Many of our homes are built close to great transport links to city centers - perfect for the commuter. Where you can, always consider public transport or a car share. You'll save money and help your carbon footprint too.

7. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure
These days, almost everything we use can be recycled. And what the council won't take, your local recycling depot probably will. Before throwing anything out - just simply ask yourself could this be recycled in some way? Fancy your hand at up-cycling furniture? check out our guide to painted furniture ideas here.

8. Smarter homes
By 2020, smart meters in our homes will be as standard. Having a smart meter is great way of keeping an eye on how electricity is used around your home and can help you make a better choice. Plus the information is send directly back to your provider - which means no unexpected or inaccurate bills from the pesky meter under the sink!

9. Buy a new build home
This may sound like we're trying to sell your a house - but the fact is that if you're looking to buy a new build home it will cost you less over time. As standard, new build homes are built with the latest technology, making them more energy-efficient. Our range of green benefits means that our homes are as energy and water efficient as they can be - helping you save more money over time so you can spend it on what really matters.

If we've inspired you to take our tips on board - let us know over on Facebook or Twitter. Or for more home tips visit our blog or Pinterest for home inspiration. 

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