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Home offices are fast becoming the norm, with more and more people creating a space for work in their homes. But just because you are setting aside a room to work in doesn’t mean it should have that impersonal office atmosphere.

The most important thing to consider when creating a home office is making it a space that you can enjoy being in. Studies have shown that a nice office environment can improve productivity, performance, and focus.

Picking a home office room

  Your first instinct might be to choose the smallest and least impressive room in your home for your office, but that may not be the smartest move. Spend some time to weigh up how often you’ll be using the office and how often you’ll be using that spare bedroom (or maybe even the dining room). If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there then maybe you should choose the room with more space – you don’t want to end up working in a closet for hours on end and feeling boxed in

Home office design ideas

Make your home office a space you can enjoy being in by adding artwork to your walls to create points of interest

Use bright colours for your accessories and cushions to add an element of fun your room but if you’re easily distracted keep décor to a minimum for a relaxing environment.

Pick out a wallpaper that you like to look at whether it’s of sheet music, flowers, or flourishes for those moments when you need to look away when deep in thought

Carefully consider your lighting, you will want to keep the room bright but should avoid harsh fluorescent lighting that can make a room uncomfortable or even cause headaches

Create a mood board for your room with pictures to inspire you or pictures of your family and loved ones to help keep your mood up when you’re working long hours.

Choosing office furniture

First, you should check how much space you have so you don’t accidentally get a desk that is too big for your room or too small for your needs. You should also choose where you want your furniture to sit so you can accurately measure your space – it’s a good idea to choose to set your desk up against a window to make the most of your light and so you can get a great view while you’re working.

Don’t limit yourself to traditional office furniture, why not repurpose a vanity, pick out a hyper-modern and stylish option, or create something truly personalised by painting some old furniture. Your desk is something that you will use constantly so get something that looks great in your space and that you can sit down at with pleasure.

Don’t skimp on your chair, especially if you’re planning on using it every day. Find something comfortable that gives you proper support and isn’t just an old computer chair.

Organisation ideas for your home office

  Space is always at a premium in any home office so organisation is hugely important, and no, piling things on your desk doesn’t count.

Learn to organise vertically, using racks and floating shelves, and if you can’t give up making piles then use some baskets to keep your piles separate and contain the mess.

Pigeon holes might be old fashioned but they can be a fantastic way to keep all your papers separate so you can always find the exact one that you’re looking for.

Consider creating separate stations in your office if you have the room. Creating a mail station to deal with incoming and outgoing mail or setting up a printing station for your work can help keep your work prioritised and well organised.

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