Haunted House Ideas


Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or entertaining trick-or-treaters, these ideas will make sure you have the spookiest house on the street.

From devilish decorations to petrifying puddings, try your hand at some of our Halloween crafts and tips.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Our DIY ideas will be sure to scare your guests but not your wallet!

Boarded Windows

Nothing says abandoned house like boarded-up windows. If you’ve got some old cardboard lying around, try cutting it into plank-like shapes and dressing them up to look like wood. Then carefully attach them to the window frame using a removable double-sided tape.

Graveyard Ghouls

Cardboard can also be used to create a makeshift graveyard. With a bit of a paint and a pair of scissors, cut tombstone shapes and paint them up to look like old gravestones. Once they’re dry, you can arrange them around the front lawn to create a spooky entrance to your haunted house. (Don’t forget to save a strong board to use as an up stand, or use plastic stakes to stick your stones into the ground).

Budget Halloween decorations

If you’re on a budget, making use of what you already have is really important. Check to see if you’ve got any old sheets and go old school Halloween by creating a ghostly ghoul! Simply cut some eyes in to your sheet, place a balloon or ball under the “head” and strategically hang your sheet to loom over your guests. Black bin liners can also be used to create great makeshift decorations – and all you need is a pair of scissors. By carefully folding and cutting your liners you can make large spider webs to hang around the home. Or try cutting out spooky silhouettes to adorn your windows and doors for a haunting Halloween atmosphere. If you really want to make a statement, bring in a branch and decorate it with suspended cut-out bat shapes. By using fishing wire to hang them, you’ll create the illusion that they’re flying around. (The wire can be used to hang other things too, like witches hats and plastic spiders that will add to your spook-tacular decor). 

Halloween Hosting

If you prefer the treats to the tricks, there are loads of ways you can make sure your guests get their fill of sugary treats. Try creating iced spider web cupcakes or decorating shot glasses with raspberry juice for a bloodthirsty-looking treat.

But don’t just take our word for it. Head over to our Lovell Homes Pinterest board that’s bursting with ideas on how to entertain your guests and create the spookiest house on the street.

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