Get your home ready for winter


The mornings have a nip in the air and the heating is firing up, which means only one thing; summer is drawing to a close and autumn is finally here! Now is the perfect time to get your home ready for winter and stay one step ahead of the seasons.

Preparing Your Home For Winter

Winter is a harsh time of year for your home but there are some really easy steps to take to make sure that everything stays working as it should so that your family can stay nice and cosy between your four walls.

Outside the home


With winter weather, sometimes comes high winds - which can play havoc with loose tiles so make sure to check the appearance of your roof and repair any damage that you find. That goes for your facias too – be sure to check for cracks ahead of the winter weather to prevent any further damage.


Freshly fallen leaves are one of the delights of autumn – watching as they turn from green to orange – but remember to check your drains and gutters for any foliage regularly that might be blocking the flow of water round your home and this will help avoid damage to your guttering too. Be on the lookout for over-flowing drains too – as pooling water can quickly become an un-wanted ice rink once the freezing weather sets in.

Doors & windows

Draughty windows and doors will leads to higher fuel bills and end up wasting your money in the long run – so be sure to check them for any signs of loose beading or cracks before it gets too cold!

External pipework

As the temperature drops and you think about putting on that extra jumper – don’t forget that your external pipes might need insulating too. Before the harsh weather arrives – check your pipes for any signs of wear and tear and be prepared to insulate any exposed water pipes when the frost arrives to avoid any damage or disaster – loss of heating and hot water.

Brickwork and paving

Water can cause damage to your brickwork and paving so it’s a good idea to look for any signs of damage before the harsh weather sets in and make any necessary repairs.

The Garden

Some of your garden will need a little more TLC in the winter. Start by covering any delicate plants and moving your flowers posts inside to protect them from the chill. If you’ve enough storage, you should also considering bringing in your garden furniture or covering it with tarpauling to avoid it getting spoilt by the rain. Lastly, cut back any over-hanging branches or over-grown bushes and shrubs in advance to keep them at bay during the winter months.

Winter-proof the inside of your home


Your boiler is the hub of your home and the last thing you want is to be stuck without hot water on a cold and frosty morning – or worse stuck without heating! So make sure that your gas certificate is up to date and you have a regular service check.

Internal Pipework

Just like you have to take care of external pipes – inside ones need looking after too. If you spot any damage, contact a professional and catch any problems before they happen.

Fires and chimneys

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace if your home it’s important to check that everything is still working – after all it’s probably not been used for months. Depending on the type of fire you have – you may also need to get your chimney swept. There’s a handy guide here on how often is best.


Lastly, nothing says prepped for winter like a great choice of soft furnishing to keep you cosy all winter long. Take a peek at some of our Pinterest boards for some seasonal inspiration.

Preparing your home for winter will not only ensure that you have a stress-free winter but it will potentially add value to your home and eliminate costly emergency actions as a result of bad preparation.

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