Declutter your home


Spring has finally sprung (don't let the British rain fool you). Which means there's no better time to declutter your home. We're all guilty of letting our homes get a little unruly at times and holding on to items we don't really need. The trouble is, the more you collect (or hoard) the harder and more daunting the task becomes.  Make your spring clean less of a chore by following our 3 simple tips for a stress free declutter.

1. Start one room at a time

Once you start in one room, stick with it until it's done. Whether you start with the biggest, smallest or messiest room is up to you - but it's important to take it one room at a time. This will make it seem like less of task and keep you focused. Be sure to reward yourself after you've completed each one too, that way you'll stay motivated to carry on.

2. It takes time

You can't expect to spend twenty minutes tidying and be done, unfortunately if you want your decluttering done right you'll need to set aside some proper time. Whether it's a morning, an afternoon or a whole weekend - you'll achieve much more if you dedicate you're time solely to the task. But remember to take well-earned breaks so you don't resent the task at hand!

3. Be ruthless

This is a tough one - it can be hard to not be sentimental when your clearing out but try asking yourself, have I used this in the past six months? If the answers no, chances are you won't use it in the next six months either so realistically it's just taking up space. If you can't bear to just throw things away remember charity shops will take most items so they don't go to waste!

For more inspiration on de-cluttering your home why not try embracing on-trend minimalist decor with our Lovell Homes Pinterest board?


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