Creating a Hygge Home


With winter looming and dark nights beginning to draw in there’s no better time to embrace a Hygge Home – but what is Hygge?

There’s no direct translation for the Danish word and here at Lovell we’re not even totally sure how to pronounce it. Hy-gge, Hyg-ee, Hoo-gah? Who knows?

One thing we’re sure of though, is that everyone’s talking about that “Hygge” feeling and there’s a good reason why you should be too.

The word, derived from the Danish language, loosely translates to “a feeling of warmth” or “to be content and cosy” and if you’ve ever been to Denmark, you’ll know that the Danes are great at creating this atmosphere.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Danes have basically proven that Hygge helps relieve stress, anxiety and is a great way of life – by being voted the second happiest country in the world for 2017, dropping from first place in 2016.

What’s not to like about feeling warm and cosy? With so much technology around, there’s never been a better time to switch off and embrace Hygge.

So here’s how to Hygge with 5 easy steps:

Cosy up

Embracing Danish Hygge means getting cosy! Think fluffy socks, mixed textures, woollen furnishings, rich furs and – if you’re lucky enough – open fires. Create surroundings you’d want to snuggle up in and you’re basically halfway there.


Scandinavian style has been gradually creeping into our homes since Ikea first launched onto our shores and Hygge style embraces Scandi minimalism by creating a stress-free environment. With less to distract you, you’ll likely feel more at ease and escape a cluttered and sometimes stressful atmosphere.


Hygge isn’t just something you can experience on your own – invite over your closest friends and experience the cosy environment together. Wrap up in blankets and stream a movie in a “snug” or invest in some good wine, cocoa and comfort food for a relaxing dinner party, Hygge style.

Speaking of food…

Good food as well as good company can have a huge impact on your wellbeing – and there’s nothing the Danish do better than pastries. Comfort food for Hygge is a must: warming hot cocoa or a steaming bowl of chilli will soon have you “Hygge’d” up for those dark winter months.


The way a room is lit can change your mood instantly. Although most people crave the summer sun, winter is the perfect opportunity to create a calming ambience. As well as open fires, try candles, low lighting or fairy lights to bring warmth and atmosphere to a room. 

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