Best indoor house plants


With winter drawing in and your garden steadily becoming more and more off limits, it’s a good time to remember to bring greenery into your home

Plants Ivy

Even simple and low maintenance plants can really improve the look of your home and keep some of that spring and summer feeling throughout the colder seasons. We’ve rounded up five of the best indoor house plants that will look great throughout the winter and be able to thrive despite those times when you’re too busy to take care of them.

1. Common Ivy 

Ivy might not be something that immediately jumps to mind when thinking ‘pot plant’ but with its distinctive and beautiful leaves it can be a great addition to you home.

It’s very easy to care for, preferring moist soil and growing happily in temperatures from 10-20°C. If it is watered once or twice a week and has good drainage this plant is considered almost indestructible – a fantastic choice for those with a track record of plant death.

A small pot can allow trailing vines to look fantastic on an end table or on a bannister.

Plants Rubber

2. Rubber plant 

The rubber plant is a fantastic choice of indoor plant for those who don’t have pets, as it is toxic to both cats and dogs. This is a plant with vibrant green leaves and that can grow up to 8ft if you keep increasing the pot size.

A rubber plant requires even less care than ivy, as it likes the soil to dry out between watering, meaning you don’t have to worry too much if you forget to water it for a while. While they prefer bright indirect sunlight, they can live in moderate light reasonably well.

This is a good choice to put on a larger table or on top of a chest of drawers, as it is large and vibrant enough to be a focal point.

Plants Castiron

3. Cast-iron plant 

The cast-iron plant is well named as it’s a plant that can survive almost anything, save frost. Able to deal with poor soil, low watering, and a wide range of temperatures, this is a plant that actually likes to be left alone. With dark green leaves this can be a great contrast to more vibrant plants and can develop beautiful white patterns which make them a feature all on their own.

Larger cast-iron plants are very leafy, so look great as floor plants in corners or empty spaces, whereas smaller ones can look great on tables.

Plants Moneytree

4. Jade plant 

The jade plant is another great plant that can tolerate temperature of 15-24°C and, while they rarely, if ever, flower, they can look very attractive and survive for decades.

One of the best features of these plants is that they are perfect for absent-minded owners. If you forget to water them, then they will just go dormant until they can rehydrate again. However, be certain not to over water them as this is a great way to kill the plant.

It’s best to keep these in bright sunlight, so a windowsill is the perfect place for jade plants.

5. ZZ plant

Plants Zz

The ZZ plant is definitely the most indestructible of the plants on our list, it tolerates drought, low light, and really low humidity – the top three plant killers. With small, thick leaves and its ability to grow up to 3ft tall, it can be a beautiful addition to your home.

This is another plant that you shouldn’t get if you have pets, as it is toxic to both cats and dogs if ingested. Aside from pet-related vengeance, overwatering is pretty much the only thing that can kill this plant so make sure that the soil is dry before you water it again. Able to grow to fit any space, this plant is incredibly versatile and looks at home in corners, windowsills, and as larger table top features.

Even if you’re a serial plant killer, you should definitely give pot plants another go with our list of low maintenance plants as even just a little bit of foliage can completely transform the look of your home.

Have we inspired you to add some indestructible pot plants to your home? If so, we’d love to see the ones you chose on TwitterFacebook or check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration. 

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