Bedroom Decor Ideas


Believe it or not, we spend almost 25 years asleep throughout our lifetime! Which is a lot of time spend in our bedroom. So there's not better excuse to make your bedroom a perfect sleeping haven. 

There's nothing quite like turning in for the night after a busy day and finally being able to unwind in the comfort of your own bed. To help you transform your room into the stuff of dreams, we've put together our top bedroom decorating ideas here at Lovell. 

1. A tidy mind makes for a relaxed mind

Nothing adds to stress more than having to wade through piles of clutter and clothes. If your bedroom is compact, invest in some smart storage to keep your clothes hidden away. Keeping your room clean and tidy will give you one less thing to think about at night - helping you get the rest you need!

2. Softly, softly

When you walk into your bedroom, you shouldn't only feel relaxed you should feel comfortable. Your bed should ooze comfort and draw you in. Harsh lines and hard materials won't help here - opt for a mix of natural textures and soft fabrics. Not forgetting the extra plush pillows and if you're feeling really luxurious a feather down duvet will have your relaxed in no time. If you're going for the showhome look, try layering your bedding with bedspreads, runners and cushions for that touch of glamour.

3. Embrace minimalism 

To ensure your bedroom is calming, avoid bold patterns and bright colours. By keeping your bedroom decor neutral or low key you'll be much more relaxed and be able to prepare for a good nights sleep. Anything too bright will be too overwhelming but, if you really can't do without colour - try choosing one bright accent colour to run through your design with subtle accessories. 

4. A good mirror

Mirrors make any space brighter because the light reflects from them - what's not to love? They can also create a great statement piece for a room, drawing in the eye and making your room seem larger. After all, every room should have a statement piece.

5. Speaking of statements...

Mirrors not your thing? Then you could consider creating a statement with a piece of artwork or a headboard? Fabric head boards and matching ottomans are a great way to bring texture and fabrics to a room, bringing all the elements of colour and furniture together. And by adding artwork to your room, it'll add a sense of calm and personality to your decor. 

6. Tech free

As tempting as it is to watch TV in bed, technology can be damaging to your sleep regime. Try full switching off all your tech and making your bedroom a tech free zone your bedroom should be about sleeping and relaxing.

Need more inspiration on bedroom decor? Why not head over to our INSPIRATION GALLERY? Or for more tips and ideas visit our Pinterest boards.

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