Bathroom Design Ideas


No matter the size of bathroom, here at Lovell we've got some great ideas to add a personal touch to one of the most practical rooms in the house.


Small bathroom ideas

Clever bathroom designs incorporate the size of the room and utilize the space available. If your bathroom is a little on the smaller side consider using mirrors in windowless spaces. A mirror creates the illusion of more spaces and reflects the light available around the room making it appear larger and brighter. Adding extra lighting or spotlights to your bathroom is a great idea too - by spreading out the light, the room will lighter and straight away feel bigger. As with all other rooms - opt for lighter colours schemes too. Dark colours close in a room, where as neutral colours will create open spaces and will generally look cleaner!


Large bathroom ideas

In a larger space you can afford to use a hint of deeper, richer colours – but for what it’s worth, sticking to classic natural shades in your bathroom will keep it looking clean and modern. If you find you’ve got too much space in your bathroom it can quickly feel cold and empty. Trying using a mix of textures against the porcelain fittings like wicker or wooden furniture additions that can be practical too – like a storage chest or laundry basket. If the room boasts natural light, opts for wall art or emphasize the light again with mirrors.

Keeping your bathroom beautiful

A beautiful bathroom is an achievement, after all it’s a practical room that’s used daily so keeping it clean is a daily necessity. Make life easier by avoiding clutter – clearer counters and sink sides will make cleaning simpler and add the illusion of more space and keep your bathroom looking sleek. 


Looking to add some finishing touches?

Nothing says luxury bathroom like fresh towels and linens. If you have the space, displaying your towels can be a great way to bring a pop of colour to an otherwise plain room. Bathmats and robes can add more texture to your bathroom and for that extra touch of elegance – why not add some candles and fresh flowers to your room to keep it smelling fresh!

If you’ve recently upgraded your bathroom – we’d like to see it! Send us your pictures on our social media channels on Facebook or Twitter. Or for more home inspiration check out our new Lovell Homes gallery.

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