Our servicefirst culture reflects the values of Lovell and defines the way in which we conduct all of our business relationships.

servicefirst is a world-class business culture brought to life. It is based around on our ongoing core objective of knowing our customers well and delivering continually excellent service by embracing all of our business relationships with honesty and openness, focusing on the positive, keeping promises and taking total responsibility for our actions.

Above all, servicefirst recognises that technical competence on its own is no longer enough, and that the key to building long, strong and successful relationships with clients lies in the way in which we deliver our services.

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To enable the in-depth understanding, trust and mutual respect this requires, we deliver our servicefirst programme through a series of bespoke workshops. These are fully customised to those taking part, with attendance from groups from both Lovell and our clients. These joint events build better relationships and strengthen the bond between teams by creating a truly shared vision of how to deliver exceptional customer service.

To get a full overview of the Lovell servicefirst and servicedelivery initiatives watch this video:

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