Our People

From the boardroom to the building site, delivering an exceptional service is embedded into the Lovell culture. It helps us to make a real difference on every project.

At every level of our organisation, you’ll find that Lovell people bring passion, enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to everything that they do.

It is our people who really make the difference. Open, transparent, honest and customer-orientated, they reflect our whole approach to business. Beyond the targets, budgets and timelines, we’re committed to leaving an overwhelmingly positive legacy wherever we work – and each and every one of us wants to play their part in changing people’s lives for the better.

Lovell Investors in People

So whether it’s replacing a tap washer or regenerating a whole community, the task receives the same degree of respect, care and commitment from our people.

This motivation comes from the heart, although training plays an important part too. Our commitment to providing excellent training for our people means that each region has its own training advisor. It also sees us providing an average of four times as many training days per employee than the industry norm. The resulting quality speaks for itself.

Team Philosophy

We directly employ architects and design teams; development teams; resident liaison teams; customer care teams; all the building trades; trainers, sales teams; sustainability assessors and health and safety teams. Over and above this, we take on around 20 apprentices every year and train them at our Craft Academy, while those with management ambitions go through our dedicated Management Development Academy. Both Academies have extremely high completion rates and provide us with the next generation of long-serving, exceptional employees.

Effective collaboration and partnering are also fundamental to our vision of success. We understand that only through true collaboration with our clients, partners, supply chain and customers can our people help us to ensure that we embed continuous improvement, deliver best value and exceed all expectations.

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