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We work with housing associations, social housing schemes, local authority partnerships, arms length management organisations (ALMOs) and other public sector partners right across the UK.

We work in partnership with all of our clients, and understand that building strong and trusting relationships with them is the only way to achieve the high ideals we set ourselves. Therefore, we promise to be open, reliable and responsive at all times.

The number of long-term partnerships in which we are involved, many as preferred supplier, is testament to the way we have fulfilled this promise again and again. While every community housing solution presents a different challenge, gaining the residents’ trust is the key to making it a success.

Lovell - our customers

We will always operate with clients’ best interests at heart and will work issues out together. To ensure we stay ahead of the game, we have a performance measurement system to monitor project performance and customer satisfaction.

One aspect of performance that clients are increasingly committed to is sustainability. Lovell clients can rest assured that sustainability is fundamental to everything we do. From a global outlook, this means that we are committed to sustainable construction. Meanwhile, from a local perspective, it means that recreational and ecological areas are crucial to our designs, as are facilities to enable the creation of more sustainable communities and local economies through employment and training. Everywhere we work, it also means that we adhere to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, so we keep our sites as clean, safe and quiet as possible.

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