Cearon Gate Falkirk

Falkirk, Stirlingshire


Cearon Gate is now open!

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Cearon Gate is a brand new development of 3 bedroom homes now selling in Maddiston, Falkirk.

Just to the east of Falkirk, which has been voted one of the most beautiful towns in Scotland, lies Cearon Gate, a characterful mix of new homes built to reflect the way we live now. Part of the areas colourful history, in its heyday it attracted many renowned visitors including Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns.

The company was known throughout Europe for the quality of their products and, mindful of this illustrious heritage, quality is the watchword for our Cearon Gate development. Situated betwixt town and country, Cearon Gate is the perfect place to live, combining the best of urban and rural life.

Use our interactive site plan to find your new home.
Use our interactive site plan to find your new home.
Coming soon
  • BOTHWELL 3 bedroom home
  • BOWMORE END TERRACE 3 bedroom home
  • BOWMORE SEMI DETACHED 3 bedroom home
  • CARNOUSTIE 3 bedroom home

Close to Cearon Gate lies the charming town of Falkirk. Its attractions, and those of the surrounding area, are immediately obvious even to the most casual visitor and you will be equally captivated by its character, adventurous spirit and the opportunities on offer. Meandering around this historic town, you’ll come across the place where Irn Bru was first produced, gaze up at the famous Falkirk Steeple, and stop for a spot of shopping at the farmers’ market or a bite to eat at one of the many independent cafes and bistros.

And don’t miss seeing part of the Romans’ Antonine Wall which is still visible in historic Callendar Park, a magnificent house and parkland close to the town centre that boasts a wide range of activities to entertain young and old alike.

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