Top Tips Moving with Pets to Oaktree Grange, Clayton Le Woods


With Oaktree Grange sat amongst the beautiful South Ribble countryside, with copious walks available nearby in Cuerden Valley Park and the likes of Whittle-le-Woods and the Walton Summit Branch (approx. 6 miles) , it’s an ideal spot for dog lovers to call home. But it’s worth bearing in mind that the moving process can be a stressful time for our four-legged friends.

As creatures of habit, the upheaval of a new house, new furniture and a new routine can be overwhelming for our furry family members but there are a few things that can be done to make that process a little bit easier on them.

First up is maintaining old routines – where possible keeping elements of your and their day the same will make a real difference. If your dog is used to going out in the garden at the start of the day, before eating breakfast and then going for a walk – mirroring that at your new home gives your dog a sense of familiarity. If you do need to mix things up a little, try to do it gradually so they have time to adjust, rather than changing everything in one go.

The temptation to buy all new when you move home is absolutely understandable, but to a dog, familiar smells and textures will help to keep stress at bay. While his dog bed might be old and a little worn, it’s worth bringing it with you to your new house to start with, so he can go to bed at night on something he knows and associates with comfort.

Moving house can take a lot out of everyone, leaving you little opportunity to take some time out. But for the sake of your dog, making sure you put aside a few minutes throughout the day to give them your undivided attention, will help him feel part of the process and also help him adapt to his new environment. If possible, get down on the floor and spend some time there with him, help him adjust to his new home!

Inevitably, there will be times when you’ll have to leave the house – whether it’s for the school run, work, shopping or socialising and on those occasions, leaving treats and familiar items in the house with him will help with his anxiety. It will take time for them to feel okay about being on their own in this strange new environment, so lots of patience, love and treats will go a long way to making your dog feel at home.

And finally, plenty of time outdoor in the fresh air in Clayton-le-Woods and beyond, giving your dog time to explore the area and enjoy himself (and yourself), will go a long way to helping him familiarise himself with his new environment!

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